Transforming Capilaux Group: A 149% Sales Surge and a Record-Breaking Quarter!

Imagine what a 149% increase in sales for an entire quarter could do for your business? It’s not a distant dream – it’s a reality.

This remarkable achievement was seen by Capilaux Group, a distinguished recruitment and digital marketing agency in the aerospace and aviation sector, thanks to the transformative Pre-Sales MOT service I provided. In a competitive industry, achieving a 149% increase in sales in just one quarter is a feat few can claim.

The Client: Capilaux Group

Capilaux Group is a prominent player in connecting clients with highly skilled professionals in the aerospace and aviation sector. The company, led by CEO Elaine Harding, boasted a strong business development team delivering outstanding results. However, with the challenges of time constraints and a desire for continuous improvement, Elaine sought expert guidance to enhance customer acquisition and conversion strategies.

The Challenge: Aiming Higher in Business Development

Elaine’s challenge was to elevate her already high-performing business development team to new heights. As a CEO managing two businesses, time constraints were a significant hurdle. She recognised the value of expert insight into their strategies and processes and was open to external perspectives to uncover untapped potential.

The Solution: Pre-Sales MOT Service

Initiating the transformation with a free consultation, I understood Elaine’s objectives and challenges. The solution came in the form of my comprehensive Pre-Sales MOT service. I spent a day immersed in the Capilaux Group team, conducting an on-site analysis, engaging in one-on-one sessions, and closely observing operations. The outcome was a detailed report highlighting key improvement areas and potential strategies.

Implementation: Bespoke Training Sessions

The collaboration didn’t end with the report. Elaine chose to continue collaborating with me for hands-on guidance. Two bespoke 1.5-hour training sessions were meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of Capilaux’s business and team. The result was not just a 40% increase in business development activity but an astonishing 149% surge in sales, marking a record quarter for Capilaux Group.

Testimonial: Elaine Harding, CEO of Capilaux Group

“Jodie delivered impactful training to my entire sales team. This positively affected my bottom line fairly quickly, and the Capilaux team can’t wait to have her back to build on what they’ve learned.”

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The Capilaux Group’s success story is a testament to the transformative power of my Pre-Sales MOT service. If you’re ready to witness substantial growth, heightened team performance, and record-breaking sales, it’s time to get in touch.

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