Why Work with Me?

Throughout my career, I’ve been at the forefront of creating and implementing strategies that drive substantial company growth while enhancing lead quality, increasing lead volume, and boosting conversion rates. My unique skill set and experience make me your ideal partner in achieving your business objectives.

Creating Impact at Lead Forensics (A Global SaaS Enterprise)

During my tenure at Lead Forensics, I was entrusted by the CEO and COO to establish an outbound Enterprise SDR function from scratch. Our mission was clear: target high-value demonstration opportunities with senior contacts in £20M+ Enterprise organisations. My strategy leveraged the power of LinkedIn, Email, Calling, and Lead Forensics to effectively generate outbound demonstrations.

The success of this initiative underscored my ability to create high-performing teams and processes that drive significant company growth. It aligned perfectly with our objectives of enhancing lead quality and volume, ultimately resulting in boosted conversion rates. This experience demonstrates my capability to craft and execute strategies that deliver tangible results.

Innovative Lead Generation at MarketMakers (The UK’s Number 1 B2B agency)

At MarketMakers, the UK’s leading B2B lead generation agency, I played a pivotal role in developing and executing innovative lead generation strategies. What set me apart was my dedication to tailoring these strategies to directly address the pain points of a diverse range of clients. I made it my mission to ensure that each strategy was perfectly aligned with their unique market challenges and growth objectives.

My role wasn’t limited to creating and executing campaigns; it extended to deeply understanding each client’s industry and specific needs. This holistic approach led to enhanced revenue streams and significant business growth for our clients. My experience at MarketMakers equipped me with profound insight into creating sustainable, effective lead generation solutions that resonate with and meet the specific requirements of each business.

Your Path to Success

When you choose to work with me, you’re not just benefiting from my years of experience and expertise; you’re tapping into a proven track record of driving growth and success. I’ve helped organizations like yours achieve their goals by crafting tailored strategies that deliver results. Let’s connect and explore how I can do the same for you.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn or via email at jodie@jodiegoodchild.com, and let’s start the conversation!

Giving back is at the core of who I am. I champion causes that matter, you’ll catch me in my spare time volunteering and raising funds for a local charity close to my heart, Portsmouth Pride Trust.

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