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I empower businesses to increase revenue using tried and tested customer acquisition and conversion strategies. Strategies gained from 20 years generating serious revenue growth for SME and Enterprise level businesses.

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Hello! I’m Jodie, I’ve been suporting SME and Enterprise busiensses for close to 20 years to grow their sales pipeline and increse their revenue.

What would a 149% surge in sales for an entire quarter do for your business? No fluff, this was the actual outcome of my work with a client in just 4 days.

I provide businesses with innovative approaches to attract and engage potential customers. Helping them increase their revenue and fuel exponential growth.

Just as you ensure your car is roadworthy with an MOT annually, when was the last time your Sales Engine had a checkup? This critical component fuels your business, and I specialise in getting under the hood to achieve remarkable results!

How? Well, I make a living from MOT’ing Sales Engines! ?‍???

If you’re facing challenges in expanding your customer base, optimising pre-sales processes, or if you’re just curious about the 149% surge in sales I mentioned above, let’s make it a coffee date!

In-depth analysis of your current engagement team and strategies, pinpointing growth opportunities and areas for improvement.

✅ A comprehensive report with actionable solutions to supercharge pre-sales.

✅ Personalised recommendations based on my two decades of experience for you to implement or collaborate with me for ongoing results.

Whether you prefer hourly consultations or a long-term partnership, it all starts with a conversation!

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Please Note: I provide strategic guidance and education to enhance your sales processes; I do not directly engage in lead generation services. I equip you with the knowledge and strategies to succeed independently.

Ready to Excel in Customer Acquisition?

Dive into my CPD Certified ‘Master and Conquer’ workshop, tailored for today’s entrepreneurs and startups. Gain cutting-edge insights into customer engagement strategies for the digital era. Opt for online or in-person sessions and emerge with your official CPD Certificate, fully equipped to deploy results-oriented strategies!

Master & Conquer Lead Generation

CPD Certified Workshop: Certificate on completion

Master Inductions & Retain Talent

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